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Alerts, pin codes, appointment reminders, promotions? Whatever the situation, SMS ensures you’re relevant and timely. Whether you’re a developer or a marketer, we’ll have you sending your first SMS in no time!

We are the ones who are here to transform your plans into reality, in an age where a consumer is surrounded by ads and brands right from the kitchen to his office.

Today everyone wants to get the right person at a right time, at the right price. So, if you are looking to get all the above 3 rights, then we are the ones who are ready to embrace all your hassles.

SMS still remains to be one of the most relevant media of communication in the age of WhatsApp and e-mail.

In a country like India, where basic feature phones still retain significant relevance as it is still being used by a considerable chunk of the population.

In the same era, SMS is still an apt medium of reaching that chunk of the population. Come what may, SMS and a Bulk SMS Service Provider in India is not likely to lose its importance.

Even in today’s era SMS is used for OTP verification by Facebook, Twitter and various other leading entities to authenticate its user. The market started spreading its wings in and eventually Bulk SMS marketing Service in India became a powerful tool for the businesses to promote itself. A major why SMS marketing became popular among the business entities was because it has wide outreach and is cost effective.

The businesses started taking up bulk SMS service as a more preferable medium because more than 95% of Indian population has access to mobile phone.

Honeykode Technologies Private Limited is a broad platform where you can interact with a wide range of audience within a short span of time with the extensive Bulk SMS service. The Bulk SMS acquired much prominence in the business industry as they enable the companies to reach their target audience within the fixed time. Smooth and regularly maintained communication with the audience will influence your business and helps to grow the business swiftly. The Bulk SMS service providing by the team of Honeykode Technologies Private Limited is highly skilled and has extensive experience in all aspects of Bulk SMS. The bulk SMS service has always been as flexible as they enhance the messaging to multiple users at the same time by using a user-friendly interface. If you choose the Bulk SMS service for sending business SMS, you can easily find growth in your business.

Choose the SMS category best suited for your business needs, whether it is for bulk SMS marketing or customer engagement.

DLT is mandatory for sending bulk SMS.

Documents Required for DLT Registration

  • Company PAN/TAN Card with Soft Copy.
  • Company GST.
  • Proof of Authorized Signatory.
  • Proof of Identity.
  • Proof of Address.
  • Consent letter from the parent entity.
  • Service Agreement on Rs. 100 stamp paper.
  • Self-certification by authorized signatory with name, designation, and seal.
  • Dlt amount Rs 5900

For more information, please feel free to connect with our support team @ 7306023400 or mail us nandu@honeykode.com for DLT Registration.

For our clients, we create value by providing quality bulk SMS service in the top cities of India.

Service SMS: DLT Registration format

Service SMS includes two SMS categories – Implicit and Explicit. Service Implicit can only be used for sending SMS such as OTPs and alerts to your registered users, whereas Service Explicit can be used for sending promotional messages to existing customers after receiving their consent.

To configure a service route, create an account and contact nandu@honeykode.com with your account details.

The bulk SMS messaging service is an inherited description of the application-to-person SMS messaging service. The term bulk messaging indicates sending a large number of SMS messaging along with sending single messages like OTP, delivery notifications, interactive messages, and incoming number services. One of the unique characteristics of bulk SMS messaging is that a business or organization can utilize one or more solutions for sending and receiving messages especially mobile applications, web interface, software programme, integrated SMS API with website or system. This bulk messaging solution interface along with an SMS gateway of ours will help you to deliver messages to the phone number anywhere in the world.

Bulk SMS API is becoming very important for today’s business communications. The use of e-mails and messages already become an inevitable part of business these days. To catch up with the high volume of traffic in messaging and to satisfy the need for speedy message delivery, it must go for a better message infrastructure and delivery system. Honeykode’s reliable and authentic SMS API services help businesses to provide swift and simple private messaging solutions to customers. Our SMS API service enables you to offer many progressive services like customer notifications, authentications etc.

Honeykode Technologies brings to you the perfect solutions to satisfy your customers with genuine one-time passwords (OTP). The services can be effectively used for verification processes, financial submits, authentication requests etc. With our advanced services, you can enable your customers with one-time passwords that will get generated as a confidential message to their registered mobile numbers. We know it is very important to keep the service secure and smart. Our expert team can help you with OTP SMS services in consistency with your increasing requirements.

We help businesses to get affordable Transactional SMS services that take your businesses to the next level. Honeykode’s efficient Transactional SMS services send informative or critical data or information. We build the most powerful, all-inclusive Transactional SMS platform backed by excellent technical support facilities. We had a direct partnership with leading telecom operators to deliver best-in-class customizable SMS with low latencies. We provide 24/7 messaging services such as OTPs and alerts for your customers. Irrespective of the type of your business, we help you with unmatched, technical support without compromising on the quality of the SMS service.

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