Bhima Jewellers is one of the top jewellery brands in India, established by Bhima Bhattar in 1925. It was the first jewellery store to introduce the concept of ready-made jewellery under the guidance of its founder. Currently, the group has 116 jewellery shops across South India, with a workforce of more than 2000 people.

Bhima Jewellers approached Honeykode with the goal of introducing light-weight collections for the youth.

Plan of action

  • Created a sub-brand known as “Yuva lightweight jewellery” and suggested a separate sales counter for the YUVA collection
  • Planned a massive campaign to introduce this new brand-YUVA to the younger generation by showcasing and emphasising its pocket-friendly tagline.
  • Introduced Ahaana Krishna and a sensational model, Mr. Dinesh Mohan to create more publicity for the YUVA collection.
  • Collect reviews and testimonials about the price point and collection from youth customers.


  • Yuva lightweight jewellery collection collaterals were massively promoted on social media and the outcome made history.
  • This review was organically promoted by conducting a contest “Sharing with Bhima” and reaching a massive audience.

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